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Dillan Marshal

Building Inspector

Clive Stephany

Project Manager

Odell Tye


Colton Wilson

Civil Engineer



Independent privately owned company delivering high standard consulting services in the construction industry.



Pre-construction, surveyors, designers, builders, project managers we build construction teams that have all the skill sets.



Happy customers who get their issue resolved tell 4 to 6 people about their experience. Talk to your customers as you would in person.

What Others Are Saying

I started advertising direct mail with Blane way back in 1992. I have never missed a mailer since then. I find that for my business, HomeDirect works best for me at the budget I have for advertising.

I can tell you a story that happened with my relationship with HomeDirect: The owner of Taco Bell had just remodeled most of his stores and he saw a picture on my coupon that month that he liked for his stores. We had a special price offer & he decided to stop in to Frame-It-Now. When he left my store, he had purchased over $14,000 of artwork for his stores! Does HomeDirect work? As you can see, they do for me!

Rick Mann

Owner of Frame-It Now

I have been advertising with HomeDirect for over 6 years. They have been an important part of our growth. At Smitty's Auto we have been in business for over 75 years and since I purchased the business from my father, we have been advertising with Blane's company. We have received 10-fold in return each mailing. I'd recommend HomeDirect to ANY small business because it's cost effective and I really love their customer service.

Chuck Smith

Smitty's Auto Service

I met Blane on a golf trip and we discussed advertising for my tree service business. He told me that HomeDirect was a great place for any home services and it was reasonably priced. I told him that I didn't believe that coupons were good avenue for my business but agreed to give it a try. That was 7 years ago. I advertise 100,000 homes every other month with HomeDirect now. It's been the best money we ever spent. I can't even count the amount of people that tell me they see me all the time on his TV spots also. The TV commercials is just icing on the cake.

Brian Ligon

Big Dog Tree Service

We use to spend most all of our adverting money with the newspaper. We ran a half page ad once or twice a week. Blane at HomeDirect approached us about advertising in HomeDirect. We decided to mail 30,000 homes for our Evans location on a test and Blane matched that with a 30,000 mailing for our Walton Way club. We were amazed at the response that we received because I felt that we would only receive coupons from older clients. Man was I wrong! We got coupons from younger women and men. We received coupons from all age groups and what was the most surprising was the men that brought me the coupons. We also received twice as many coupons for our Evans area as we did our Walton Way club. And we were mailing at a fraction of the cost that we were paying the newspaper and getting as many if not more memberships.


Omni Health Club

Being a divorced mother, every penny helps, with HomeDirect, I am able to treat us to a dinner once a month. Thank you super saver. 🙂


Proud Coupon User

I am a mother of three and it gets more expensive every year. HomeDirect has the best restaurant coupons in the area. We look forward to our coupons each month and to seeing where we can save money. We also like to see all the new places that they advertise for. We never know where we can save money next but we always do.

Becky Moore

Proud Coupon User

My husband an I are on a fixed income and HomeDirect always saves us money. We try out new businesses that they have and love being able to save money on restaurants that we like to frequent. HomeDirect helps us every month with savings, like the 50% off coupon that we used on our glasses . We found our lawn service too. Thanks HomeDirect for helping us save our money.

Marilyn Garland

Proud Coupon User

I thought that I would e-mail you to tell you about my experience with HomeDirect. My wife and I were with a real estate agent looking at houses. We walked into this house and there were over 20 coupons lined up on this persons refrigerator with magnets. As we looked around the house we ended up back in the kitchen. My wife was talking to the real estate agent and I began looking at the coupons and soon realized that we used some of the businesses. I asked my wife if she was familiar with these coupons and she said "Yes, I use them all of the time". Then she told me that the golf coupon she gave me last month came from HomeDirect. I promise that from now on I will be paying better attention to your coupons. I did use the discounted gas coupon from Allen's Country Store the next time the HomeDirect came in the mail.

Ed Reaves

Proud Coupon User
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